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  • You want to align deeper to the most authentic offerings and services within you.

  • You want to create a product suite of all different price points to scale your business.

  • You want to scale and expand your business past local and into a global community.

  • You need a dope content plan and strategy that WORKS and will get your message into the world.

  • You know just throwing content at the wall like spaghetti is not the thing and you want a community to boss out with.

  • You desire to let go of all the weird ways of marketing in the sex money magic world and do it ethically.

  • You want to learn exactly how to make reels, write copy, hooks, call to actions without dancing and pointing at text.

  • You are ready to step from


    1. Welcome and how this works

    2. Accountability group

    3. Scaling Strategy Sessions

    1. Shadow

    2. Authentic Goals

    3. Attachment styles with money

    4. Be your legacy Lesson

    5. Be Your Legacy Meditation

    6. Blasting through Pleasure Ceilings

    7. Boundaries and Trauma Responses

    8. Coaching Matrix

    9. Community Lesson

    10. Core Wounds

    11. Core Values

    12. Cash Penetration vs. Passive Income

    13. Dark Night of the Soul

    14. Detox

    15. Energy of Money

    16. Emotional Guidance Scale

    17. Feminine Energy

    18. Highest Queen Self

    19. Inner Circle

    20. Lessons

    21. Manifestation List

    22. Masculine Energy

    23. Mirror Work

    24. Never Settle

    25. Opulence

    26. Relationships

    27. Radical Self-Discipline

    28. Trust

    29. Zone of Genius

    1. Queen Meditation - heal your shadow

    2. Cash Money Mediation

    3. WEALTH_GODDESS_workbook_pdf

    4. Jupiter Business Meditation

    5. dream life realized meditation

    6. Tapping for $100k months

    7. community

    8. boundaries

    9. inner circle

    10. flowering

    11. life purpose

    12. yoga buzz

    13. full moon circle

    14. glow with the flow

    15. ego eradicator

    16. prosperity kriya

    17. roaring in your goddess

    18. release drama

    19. be the light

    20. addiction kriya

    21. kriya for elevation

    22. yoni kriya

    23. feminine power flow

    1. Branding with Soul

    2. Your Story + Transformation

    3. Tribe

    4. Mood Board

    5. Your Offer

    6. Pricing

    7. Sales Page

    8. Sales Conversations

    9. Running Your Online Course

    1. Bust Visibility Blocks

    2. Launch Strategy

    3. Writing Copy

    4. Editorial Calendar

    5. 28 Day Reels Challenge

    6. Analytics | What gets measured....gets managed.

    1. Product Suite

    2. Clarity on your Product Suite

    3. Press Kit for Sponsorships

    4. Link in Bio

    5. Offer checkout, welcome emails, upsells

    6. Email Sequences

    7. Sales Funnel Template

    8. Cart Abandonment

    9. VSL

    10. Pop Up Window

    11. Coupons and Flash Sales

    12. Hello Bar

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  • 82 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content

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